Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Riverbend - a small town on the cusp of destiny.

It lies in the eastern part of the once-mighty Selentian Empire - a great kingdom now torn apart by war. The Eastern Army, based in Bradhurst, is slowly gaining ground on the Western rebellion, though the West still holds the ancient capitol.

Their victories have led the Selentian Army further and further afield, leaving the people of Riverbend to fend for themselves. Murder and thievery have been on the rise as more and more strangers flood the town, seeking shelter from perpetual war.

To make matters worse, bands of monstrous creatures, particularly goblins, have been conducting raids on Riverbend's food supply. A town of refugees, Riverbend is poorly equipped for such an onslaught, leading its mayor to put out a call for great heroes to save it in its hour of need.

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