Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Heroes - Perrin, the Human Wizard

In the swamplands surrounding the Crystal City, children are tested at birth to see if they have any magic potential. If they do, they are immediately taken from their parents and sent to study in the Crystal City’s Prentice Halls. They are not allowed to see their families ever again.

In his year, Perrin showed the least potential of any of his fellow apprentices. The masters were unsure about whether to take him on at all.

But Perrin eventually surpassed all expectations, making up for his weak natural aptitude with intense discipline and rigorous hours of study. He sought out knowledge wherever it might be found, even studying with the priests of Corellon, in the hope that the god of arcane knowledge might reveal to him some secret that others had missed.

By the time his training was at an end, Perrin had surpassed all those he had once struggled to compete with, becoming the most accomplished new graduate in the Crystal Academy’s 2600-year history.

It was Headmaster Gwyr who suggested to the Council that Perrin be sent North as an agent of the Crystal City.

The civil war in Selentia was approaching dangerously close to the swampland’s northern border, and furthermore, the Order of Seers were giving mystic warnings of a new threat arising from the less enlightened parts of that realm.

Any Seer who looked to the North was driven mad by what they saw. It destroyed their ability to See, leaving them helpless to communicate, apart from one word, repeated over and over:


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