Friday, January 9, 2009

Heroes - Beleg, the Elf Ranger

Officially, the Elven Army is nonexistent. After the exploits of Commander Paromel in 692, the standing military force of the Empire of the Elves was disbanded for good, leaving the soldiers to return to their families and enjoy a life of peace.


Secretly, the Elves have always maintained at least a small tactical strike force, capable of assassination or other covert operations. Under the reign of Queen Selune, this corps has grown, and combined with the Royal Bodyguard, to form a deadly army of highly trained soldiers, capable of striking with extreme force from behind enemy lines, and vanishing into the trees before the enemy has a chance to retaliate.

Beleg has distinguished himself as a personal bodyguard of Queen Selune. He has demonstrated exceptional quickness to perceive threats against Her Majesty and respond to them instantly, with a precisely placed arrow in the gut.

It was Beleg who foiled the Drow ambassador’s plot to slay the Queen with an enchanted necklace. It was Beleg who halted the Selentian general’s advance into the Elven forests, with a single arrow between the eyes.

And when the time came that the Queen needed a spy, it was Beleg who was sent.

The Elves have informers scattered across the entire continent, scattered among the large natural Elven population. So it came as a disturbance to the Queen to learn that something was killing her spies - and only her spies - in a specific region of northeastern Selentia.

Beleg was sent to the center of that region, to learn what he could about this threat, and stop it if poosible. He was to start his search in a small human village:


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