Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heroes - Kal-Tyr, the Genasi Sword Mage

Kal-tyr is not a native of this world. His people, the Genasi, hail from the Third Plane, another world of volcanic rivers of flame and cities built of eternal ice.
Kal-Tyr was happy there. He served his master faithfully. He had a beautiful home and a garden full of dancing energy sprites.

Then Kal-Tyr was sent away. He does not know why; that memory was taken from him. He only knows that he was sent, because of a mistake that he made. He cannot return until he discovers his mistake, and rectifies it.

Now Kal-Tyr wanders the First Plane, to him a land of strange beings and stranger customs. First he worked himself into the Eladrin Court of Duke Mindereth as a performer and curiosity, sueviving by the fey creatures’ curiosity of his purple skin and unnatural form.

Kal-Tyr did not mind their stares. He was staring back.

When Mindereth was betrayed, Kal-Tyr pushed his way free of the flimsy display case he had been put into, slew Mindereth’s captors with a blast of lightning, and brought the duke to a ship sailing across the sea to Selentia, where a new life awaited them.

Fleeing their pursuers, the pair travelled upriver, until they reached a village far to the north, where for the first time, Kal-Tyr saw something he remembered from before his exile.

It related to his mistake in some way, he was sure of it. A flash, a name..


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