Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heroes - Falcor, the Dragonborn Fighter

The Ancient Dragonborn Empire is no more. The Selentians conquered the northern mountains thousands of years ago, until they themselves were driven out by Khadgar’s army of Dwarves.

Today, what Dragonborn that remain tend to keep to their one remaining settlement: Firetop Mountain, a place so inhospitable that only Dragonborn could hope to make a home there.

Ever since Falcor was hatched, she has heard tales of the ancient empire, driven into obscurity by the relentless might of the humans. She has longed to return their kingdom to its former glory, and she has some idea of how to do it.

The Mallet of Rhogar, stolen by the treacherous king of Selentia many thousands of years ago, the ancestral weapon of the dragonborn people, attuned to the flaming heart within its wielder. With that ancient weapon, Falcor could lead her people against the Dwarves and take back their homeland.

The Mallet was hidden by the human king once he realized neither he nor any of his knights could wield it. For centuries, it has waited, and today no one can be sure of its location.

But that doesn’t stop Falcor from looking. She will begin her search in a village close to the northern border of Selentia. A place known as:


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