Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heroes - Malaggar, the Drow Rogue

In the most forgotten backwater corner of the Elven Kingdom, a serious of tunnels runs through the softly rolling ground.

These tunnels extend deep into the earth, twisting and mazelike, forming the massive warren that is home to the Drow.

Within these tunnels, the Drow lead a savage existence. Murder and robbery are the norm. No one is ever safe unless he can defend himself.

Malaggar was never particularly strong, and he lacked the intimidating size that distinguished the most feared and respected Drow. He did, however, have one advantage over his peers: an almost preternatural quickness.

His talents were noticed early on by Urz, one of the many strongarm gang bosses ruling the Drow tunnels. Urz asked Malaggar to serve him as his right hand, striking at rival bosses and expanding his territory all the way to the surface.

Malaggar spat on the offer. He had suffered all his life under the heel of the gangs; why should he serve one now?

Urz sent three of his toughest goons to kill Malaggar for his impudence. He slew all three before they knew he was there.

Suddenly fearful, Urz called for a rare alliance with the other gang bosses, bringing rivals together to take down this rogue.

They did not succeed. But they did drive Malaggar out of the tunnels, forcing him to wander the surface, stealing and cheating to survive.

He made his way across Selentia, taking what he could from each settlement before being driven out and on to the next. It was months before he came to a place where his kind were not immediately viewed with hatred and suspicion:

A place called Riverbend.

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