Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heroes - Mindereth, the Eladrin Warlord

On the continent of the Fey, far beyond the Southern Sea, Mindereth was one of the most powerful Dukes. He ruled from a castle of iron and stone, that straddled the First and Second Planes.

His reign was long and just, and his people’s loyalty was well-placed. But there were those who schemed to overthrow him.

It was the Duke’s own nephew, Eredun, who set the plan in motion. He was joined by many former vassals - disgraced due to corruption, or disloyalty, or for support of Mindereth’s predecessor - who nonetheless retained some real power.

The conspirators planned to assassinate Mindereth, crowning Eredun in his place and usherin in a new reign of corruption and thievery.

In this, they very nearly succeeded. Mindereth was deposed and Eredun took the throne, but before his uncle could be taken away and executed, the purple-skinned curiosity Mindereth had found unconscious on the beach broke free of its prison and blasted the conspirators with lightning.

With Kal-Tyr’s aid, Mindereth was able to escape the Fey Lands and sail north, to Selentia. Where he planned to travel upriver until he reached the Dwarven capitol, and there beg for aid in recapturing all he had lost.

Unfortunately, thy hadn’t even made it as far as the Dwarven border when the money ran out. And so Mindereth found himself stuck in a backwater town full of Humans:

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